How Do You Balance Work & School?

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Author: Makenna Kreikemeier


For me, balancing work and school requires prioritization, time management, and flexibility. This semester seemed like one of my busiest yet – not just because of school and work, but because of everything else as well! So, how did I manage to do it all? By finding the appropriate balance between classes, work, and life. The flexibility Olsson provides was invaluable.

My class schedule this semester was a little different from any others I’ve had. Because I am ahead in my coursework, I only needed to take nine credit hours, which meant I had more time to be at Olsson throughout the week! And for the first time, I had a night class. Going to class for three hours at night was not the most fun thing in the world, but it was nice to be at the office longer during the day. (My night class began at five.) As far as picking my course schedule, I try to choose classes that are right after one another or fairly close. I know this isn’t always easy. Some classes have limited options on what time of the day they are held, but it makes my days seem less crazy when I’m not running back and forth between campus and work.

As a student, my top priority is school, and Olsson has continuously supported me in that since the first day I started here. I pick my work schedule based on what works best with my class schedule. If I have multiple tests in the same week or need to meet for a group project, my team is always willing to be flexible and accommodating. I always make sure to communicate with my team when plans change and make the most of my time when I am at work.

I am so grateful that I intern for a company that values my education and is so incredibly understanding when my schedule gets hectic! Although I don’t foresee life getting any less crazy next semester, it is comforting to know that Olsson supports me and will work with me to keep school as my main priority.