Excited about my future

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Author: Kelly Weiler

My introduction to Olsson was at a job shadow the summer before my sophomore year at UNL. I came in the doors with no idea what to expect for the day, but left feeling so excited about my future in engineering. I had the opportunity to meet multiple engineers within the company and hear firsthand, and with such authentic enthusiasm, everything they love about their job. Because of this, I applied for an internship within a few months. It’s hard to believe I have already been working here for three months! It seems like I just started last week, but I also feel that I have learned a lot in my short time here. I am the youngest on my team by two years and had no experience in the professional world before this position, so I felt pretty under qualified on my first day. However, I now feel very incorporated into the Bridge team and I’m happy to have each of them as a mentor.

As I began my internship, my biggest hope was to gain exposure to the everyday workings of a career in engineering. I was confident that I wanted to work in the realm of structural engineering, however, I wanted to be able to see the day to day aspects of the position. I’m so grateful to have gotten that from Olsson. As an intern, my work has mainly been short-term tasks, so I have been able to get my hands on a variety of projects. Personally, I find this to be a great introduction because I can experience a little bit of everything. I have put together calculation packages, calculated values for bill of bars, determined quantities of concrete, and yesterday, I even began to draw some of the details that we will be incorporating on a new set of plans. Even if it is only a small drawing, seeing my own work on the final product is very rewarding.

The longer I am here, the more I’m able to contribute to the team and continue to grow as an engineer. This summer, when I can work full time, I look forward to working on more long-term projects and gaining proficiency in my work.