More than just a day job

Monday, July 17, 2017

Author: Kelly Weiler

During my time here multiple projects have slid across my desk, but none have engulfed my team like the bridge designs we have been working on for a client in Oklahoma. It has been an important learning curve to see the process from early preliminary plans to (almost) finalized plans. Some of the first tasks I was given as an intern (almost 6 months ago now!) were related to the early stages of the Oklahoma bridges. And now we are beginning to wrap things up for the first three bridges. Getting to work on long-term projects is exactly what I was hoping to be a part of this summer because I have been able to see the project up close and watch it evolve. I’ve experienced the trials and tribulations of these projects and have learned a lot from it.

As a newcomer to bridge design, performing some of the most minute calculations has enhanced my abilities to read plans more effectively and maintain an eye for errors. After the countless revisions made to these bridges, I have learned so much about the design process and am excited to play a leading role in the future. However, it’s important to me that I can master the small skills before moving onto bigger ones.

Outside of the office, Olsson has also given me the opportunity to meet the people around me. This is great for an eager young professional in the field. Last month, the Road/Bridge team made a visit to an escape room in Lincoln. It was great to get to know everyone a little better. If you are curious, we made it out with less than a minute to spare! Last month I played in an Olsson sand volleyball tournament (pictured) and had the chance to meet many Olsson employees from the Lincoln office. Getting to know more engineers, Human Resources team members, and other staff makes Olsson feel more like a community than just another company. Forming personal relationships with coworkers can improve team dynamics at work, which I am definitely grateful for in my little bridge team of six.

As a student intern at Olsson, I feel like I have gotten a lot more than I had imagined. I’ve been fortunate to get a glimpse into what my professional career will have in store for me. I am surrounded by some of the best coworkers here at Olsson.