Lunch break

Monday, July 31, 2017

Author: Bryce Strong

A lunch break that isn’t eight minutes of supervised grub shoveling is unfamiliar territory for me. So, when I joined Olsson I stuck to what I knew, ate quietly at my desk, and then got back to work when I was done. As the days slid by, I decided to stretch the ‘ole legs that seemed bent to permanent 90 degree angles. I grabbed my lunch and stumbled outside to a little fountain and bench area and enjoyed my meal in the bright beautiful day.



The next day, I ate outside again and enjoyed the weather. As I was sitting down I noticed a small paved path leading into trees behind our building. Feeling like the adventurous youth I aspire to be, I started down the shaded little path. As I followed the curves in the pavement, the path became suddenly steep and appeared to be approaching a bridge. Realizing that my aspirations of adventure were a façade (and that I was sweating profusely), I turned back and headed to my little fountain spot. When I returned inside, I mentioned the path to a coworker. Lo and behold, it seems the entire office had also found my path. It wraps under that bridge and around the building, a long and not so leisurely walk.

So now, I sit near the fountain and listen to birds call when I eat lunch. The slight freedom might seem arbitrary, but these little moments make the days brighter and the lunches less shoveling and more, well,
lunch-y. Summer is disappearing in a flash. Time, it turns out, does fly when you’re having fun.