Day One: Overtime

Friday, June 23, 2017

Author: Bryce Strong

All my previous jobs have been very similar. Low pay, high oversight, and the cracking of a metaphorical whip dipped in the high-sodium threat of ramen dinners. Olsson breaks the mold.

On my first day at Olsson, I was taken on a tour and introduced to every smiling face I saw. When I got to my desk, my supervisor had left a framed and signed portrait of himself in my cubicle. With a laugh, I sat down and began to organize my workstation, expecting I would be busying myself with non-task tasks. Not here. I was immediately asked to assist with an ongoing project. After a brief tutorial, I received a large instructional book and set to work.

Desk organization was forgotten (and still is) as I sat down and fully embraced my new duties. Wanting to prove my worth, I pushed through, trying to pick up speed while simultaneously slinging questions at anyone with a pulse. I soon got into a groove, and before realizing time had passed I was told that the workday usually ends at five. It was 5:15. I packed up, bid everyone a good night, and drove home.

My friends heckle me for my new schedule – I am now “old people,” in bed at 10 p.m. and up at 6 a.m. But, I am enjoying my new schedule, along with the massive assistance of the opaque cup of coffee every morning. I have a sense of the professional engineering world and am looking forward to joining in earnest. Until then, the days slide past full of Excel documents, topographical maps, and donut runs.