Zach Turek

School: University of Nebraska-Omaha
Year in school: Junior
Major: Civil Engineering
Office location: Omaha
Hometown: Burwell, NE

How did you get your job at Olsson?

Through the Mid-America Transportation Center (MATC) Internship Program

What do you like most about working at Olsson?

I like the wonderful people and the relaxed atmosphere.

Describe an intriguing project that you’ve worked on here at Olsson.

120th St., 114th St., & Valley Ridge Drive. All three projects tie into each other, and the coordination of this was interesting. Especially when the survey for one project was done on different coordinate systems!

What is your funniest memory so far of working at Olsson?

When discussing a storm sewer inlet location with a few people – no inlet was placed at the sump (low point), but there were inlets uphill both ways from it. When my supervisor asked the unnamed individuals why there was no inlet at the sump, they replied that the uphill inlets would catch all the water going to the sump. My supervisor slowly nodded, pointed to an area right between the two inlets, and said, “But... what if it lands here?” Everyone burst out laughing.

What’s the most unusual job-related thing you’ve had to do at Olsson?

Crawling through weeds and brush to take pictures of an existing bridge structure marked for replacement.

Fill in the blank:

A fun/surprising fact about me is I am a blacksmith in my free time.