Kelly Weiler

School: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Year in school: Sophomore
Major: Civil Engineering
Office location: Lincoln
Hometown: Omaha

How did you get your job at Olsson?

I job shadowed last summer and was really excited to get to potentially work in this environment, especially in the realm of structural engineering.

What do you like most about working at Olsson?

 I love the team of engineers I get to work with and would consider all of them to be great mentors. Some of my coworkers have been helpful both in the office, and with my academic studies.

Describe an intriguing project that you’ve worked on here at Olsson.

We are currently working on bridge design for Oklahoma, so I'm learning about the differences in design between states - it's been really interesting.

What is your funniest memory so far of working at Olsson?

On my first day, I logged onto my computer with the credentials I had been given. I was supposed to fill out some basic information, but my extended family’s contact information was already filled out under my emergency contacts. Needless to say, I was a little freaked out. Turns out, my older cousin (with the same initials as myself) had previously worked at Olsson without me knowing it.

What’s the most unusual job-related thing you’ve had to do at Olsson?

It's something I wanted to do instead of had to do. My team is currently competing with each other in the March Madness bracket competition. What’s unusual is that I am currently in the lead.

Fill in the blank:

A fun/surprising fact about me is I coached a volleyball team by myself for few years in high school.