Dan Gleason

School: University of Nebraska-Omaha
Year in school: Senior
Major: Civil Engineering
Office location: Omaha
Hometown: Bellevue, NE

How did you get your job at Olsson?

I attended a career fair in October of 2015 at UNO and was told to check Olsson out by a friend who already works for Olsson.


What do you like most about working at Olsson?

I enjoy the people the most about this job. But I also like the kind of work I’m getting to do because it’s not just the basic work I was expecting before I started.


Describe an intriguing project that you’ve worked on here at Olsson.

The most intriguing project I’ve gotten to work on is the 36th St project in Bellevue, NE. It’s close to where I live and has caused many challenges and hoops to jump through to get it rolling.


What is your funniest memory so far of working at Olsson?

Funniest moment so far was during my first week. My department went to see Star Wars and after the movie was over I couldn’t stop thinking about how one of my coworkers looked exactly like Mark Hamill with his beard!


What’s the most unusual job-related thing you’ve had to do at Olsson?

I had to scrape dirt off of a residential street next to a development because the construction company didn’t want to do it, and neighbors were complaining.


Fill in the blank:

A fun/surprising fact about me is that I am a Disney Vacation Club member and travel to their parks and resorts frequently.