Bryce Strong

School: University of Kansas
Year in school: Senior
Major: Chemical Engineering
Office location: Kansas City
Hometown: Olathe, KS

How did you get your job at Olsson?

I read about the company online and liked the environmental focus and growth of the company. I applied online and interviewed with my lovely supervisors.

What do you like most about working at Olsson?

The professional atmosphere while maintaining friendly and positive interpersonal relationships.

Describe an intriguing project that you’ve worked on here at Olsson.

I helped do water modeling for a proposed shopping center to recommend piping configurations and sizes.

What is your funniest memory so far of working at Olsson?

The day to day good natured humor with all my coworkers.

What’s the most unusual job-related thing you’ve had to do at Olsson?

Bring donuts.

Fill in the blank:

A fun/surprising fact about me is I’m very near the legal limitations for sight and almost technically blind.