Mar 31 2017

Video games for Work!

By Dan Gleason

Okay, with the way cellphones and other mobile devices have taken off the last few years, mobile games have become more popular. Pokémon GO being the most popular to date in the last year. How many people can say they get to play Pokémon GO for their job?


Apr 19 2017

Excited about my future

By Kelly Weiler

My introduction to Olsson was at a job shadow the summer before my sophomore year at UNL. I came in the doors with no idea what to expect for the day, but left feeling so excited about my future in engineering.


May 01 2017

Transportation heroes

By Zach Turek

My name is Zachary Turek, and I am a junior at the University of Nebraska Omaha. I am a civil engineering major, and my area of interest is transportation engineering.